Marketing Strategy


A 30-50 Page comprehensive review outlining an actionable, step-by-step strategy that will make you millions.

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  • Gathering a punch list for marketing assets and URLs
  • Review of analytics data (as far back as it goes) to find lead generation opportunities
  • Review of all directory listings currently used (clutch, awwwards, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Recommendations for areas of improvement
  • Listing of at least 30 potential agency partners and contact information
  • Review of current web language and positioning (for use in writing profiles and cold email campaigns)
  • Review of current lead generation channels and recommendations for new channels to pursue (SEO, directories, meetups, partnerships, podcasts)
  • Email scripts for anywhere a cold email is recommended
  • Interviews with 3 clients to better grasp what makes your agency unique – these takeaways will be used to improve messaging for both cold emails and directory profiles
  • 30/60/90-day marketing plan with a heavy focus on ROI
  • Recommendations for new directories to pursue
  • List of 10 conferences to attend
  • List of best sales practices for booking at least 10 meetings per day
  • Review of lead qualification process (from contact form to meeting booked)
  • Current & Past client actions: recommendations for how to improve ROI from current clients – cold email template and action items for referrals
  • Recommendations for a remarketing/PPC campaign

Enterprise Outreach


One of the most effective means of reaching your target customers is to message them directly. Using highly-targeted email outreach, we book meetings with these ideal clients and pass them on to your sales team.

See Full Deliverables
  • We create lead lists based on the criteria we agree upon (revenue size, geographic location, employee size, vertical, etc)
  • Extensive research is done by a team of marketing experts for each company/contact
  • 25-50 customized emails sent to ideal customers each week
  • Monthly meetings to discuss campaign progress, and make necessary adjustments
  • We guarantee meetings with your ideal clients, every single quarter

LinkedIn Lead Generation


Outreach on its own drives fantastic leads, but experienced marketers know multiple touch points across different platforms are even more effective. By combining softer messaging on LinkedIn with proper setup and active management of an account, we are able to increase your brand authority and make our outbound campaigns much more successful.

  • 200 weekly activities which lead to meetings booked on your calendar

Public Relations


Whether you want to be featured in major publications, become a guest on your favorite podcast, or build high-quality links to your website, PR can help it happen. We’ll help you get your content & brand in front of more people.

  • Outreach to 100 influencers per month in your niche (great for direct client acquisition)
  • 2 articles written per month, to be posted on influencer websites and/or to Reddit

Managed Content


Content marketing, combined with effective social media management, is (or should be) at the root of all your inbound marketing and SEO efforts. X27 can provide:

  • 4 blog articles per month (ghostwritten via interview with you and the team)
  • Weekly management of two social media channels

Events & Meetups


In-person events will generate leads in your local area if done correctly. X27 events have been attended by over thousands of people and have returned significant ROI each time. X27 can provide:

  • Setup of meet-up group in your area, with recurring monthly events hosted by your team
  • We’ll create an in-depth presentations every month (2 revisions included for each)
  • Promote each event on listing sites and by using local contacts

Partnership Outreach


Partnership outreach is the best way to build relationships and generate leads using cold email.

  • Partnerships with larger agencies to land enterprise-sized projects
  • Partnerships with smaller agencies to create a referral system
  • Monthly sales strategy calls/check-ins with our team to continually improve
  • We guarantee meetings with your ideal clients, every single quarter

Directory Optimization


Directories are the simplest way to get onto the first page of google. Directories alone have generated millions of dollars for our clients.

  • Selection of top 5 directories for your agency
  • Creation and monthly optimization of each directory profile to ensure a high rank
  • 2-4 relationship building exchanges per month with directory account managers – to ensure a high rank
  • Selection of the top performing directory sponsorships
  • Collection of client testimonials

Paid Client Acquisition


Paid ads can be a great way to get prospects that are already searching for the services you offer, however, without active management many of your ad dollars will be wasted. X27 can provide:

  • Creation of landing pages. Includes conversion rate optimization
  • Management of various types of ad campaigns
  • Creation of new and ongoing ads
  • Weekly analysis and optimization

Sales Coaching


If you’re interested in growing your sales team, or simply making them more effective, you need someone who can set KPIs, manage ongoing education, and coaching the team through challenges. We can provide that coaching and accountability, to create and maintain your high performing sales team.

  • Weekly sales meetings to review activity, set goals, address any issues
  • Ongoing activity management (daily check-ins, weekly reports)
  • Live support (up to 10 calls per month) – particularly for proposal presentations

Outsourced Sales


Whether you’ve struggled with sales in the past, or don’t really have a culture that supports internal sales at this point, you still need someone whose role is solely focused on bringing in new business. Our outsourced sales offering solves this, providing you a professional sales person to handle your leads.

  • Up to 20 sales meetings per month
  • Email follow up on active leads
  • Assistance with proposal creation and presentation

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