How to Growth Hack Your First Event and Completely Sell It Out? w/ Vasil Azarov

Vasil Azarov is a startup marketer. He founded one of the industry-leading growth marketing events – Growth Marketing Conference – and is hard at work to build the world’s most valuable startup community at Startup Socials. He believes the best way to teach and connect people in growth and startup marketing is by holding best-practice-focused events, led by the thought leaders who actually know what they’re doing, and building interactive, dynamic communities of growth and startup marketers from all over the world.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • [01:05] What is Startup Socials?
  • [02:00] How did Vasil get into the Event business?
  • [04:50] Who did Vasil hire to help him scale his events?
  • [08:00] When did Vasil decide to hire someone to manage event partnerships?
  • [08:50] How to find sponsors for your first conference?
  • [11:50] How to drive people to the conference?
  • [16:30] Vasil’s advice to Alex on how to sell out his event
  • [20:00] How to get leads on a conference if you’re not a speaker?
  • [22:20] Vasil’s recommendations if you want to throw an event

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