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What We’re About

X27 was born out of frustration with the marketing agencies that came before. Lackluster results, focus on useless KPIs, poor communication, unqualified staff, and everything in between.

Our goal is to set a new standard for what effective marketing means. We define great KPIs as leads, not likes. And great results based on the number of meetings held, not how many ebook downloads were generated.

Why Work With Us?

Leaders in Direct Outreach

Our founders are consistently recognized as the go-to authorities within our space. Just search for “Cold Email” on YouTube and you’ll see the same face a dozen times.

Vast Experience in B2B Services

Whilst others do everything for everyone, we decided from the beginning to specialise in B2B. On average, we turn down 8 clients every month.

$30MM+ in Leads Generated

Our efforts have and continue to bring our long-term clients more and more of their ideal clients, year after year. If you’re in business for the long run, let’s talk.

Business and Sales Acumen

Every single X27 executive and manager is required to have their own services business and be proficient in sales. In short, we all speak the same language.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Robert Indries

Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Berman

Alex Berman

Co-Founder & CMO
Austin Mullins

Austin Mullins

VP of Sales
Tierra Wilson

Tierra Wilson

Head of Client Marketing


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Case Studies

Sample results we got our clients based on their goals.

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